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~ About Cyber Vortex ~            

       L.D. Jackson, creator and owner of Cyber Vortex, has been consulting in the computer industry since 1997, but has been involved in programming and engineering since the early 80's. L J thrives on details, he did database work early on. He was a research and development engineer and began writing software in the 80's, leading to writing device drivers. In the 90's he wrote device testing software. Becoming a network provider and site designer just fit.
Don't feel intimidated if you are not a computer geek. L J is always available with clear and concise explanations. He has even been known to repeat instructions from time to time. Remote assistance is also a service L J offers.

     L J has extensive experience in:

        Analysis and design
        Page layout and graphics design
        Programming in: ASP,.NET,C#,PHP, and JavaScript as needed.
        Designing effective user interfaces


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