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ask for custom apps

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Cyber Vortex is a one stop web solution site.
We design sites from scratch using c# code ,
not just some Wordpress template that was found online.

What you need isn't listed? Ask.

Anonymous/Private FTP sites
Domain Registration
Mailing Lists
ASP,ASPX,.NET C# pages
Email Services: POP, IMAP, Web Mail
Database implementation
4.x & 5.x SPAM/Virus Filtering
FrontPage & Expression Web
Streaming Audio & Video
Bulletin Boards
Firewall & Secure Services
PHP scripting
Web Mail
Shopping Cart design & support
Web Site Statistics
Custom designed user interfaces

I personally respond to all emails and phone calls.


Cyber Vortex is a one stop web solution site.

Offering single solutions as well as packages for those who would rather tend to running their business
and not have to worry about their website.

Cyber Vortex Packages:

a) Hosting monthly $22.00 or yearly $240.00

b) Hosting and maintenance

c) Complete Web Site Design:
featuring . . .consultation . . .development & implementation custom web site design . . .site maintenance & updates . . . original graphics . . .hypertext links . . .email links. . .forms

d) Remote Assistance: LJ will walk you through programming issues.

e) Portfolio: . . . please visit the portfolio for application examples

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